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Become a Member & Connect, Learn and Grow with Us

Join our unique affordable membership which has continued evolving and we believe we are effectively filling the knowledge and skills gaps that have emerged in the development of trauma working for the increasingly complex modern age. Our membership is acknowledgement of commitment to trauma informed practice. Being a member of the Complex Trauma Institute (CTI) means being part of a community of like-minded trauma-informed mental health professionals with access to a number of benefits, resources & professional growth in the field of complex trauma (including FREE advertisement of your practice at our Trauma Informed Therapists' Directory!)

Paid Memberships provide a significant source of funding for the Complex Trauma Institute (CTI), they sustain events that support our professional community & research programmes to develop our knowledge in the field of complex trauma.

We are here to support mental health professionals to learn and develop skills in delivering complex trauma-informed therapies. Joining our paid membership means you will get free access to self-paced learning opportunities in complex trauma-informed therapies
( see more:
the last opportunity for non members to buy a very discounted course on the Rewind Technique (recorded 5 CPD hours)
Membership Benefits

Educational Resources

Unlimited access to:

our Journal & Online Library

(articles, e-books)


(CPD -Webinars, Demo Videos, Workshops, Previous Conferences)

CPD -Monthly Active Learning Groups

(Saturdays at 10:00 + Thursdays 18:00)

Being connected

We know that our work can often be isolating...

So we offer professional and peer support.

Join our community of

like-minded  professionals and keep connected through our:

Newsletters, Forum, CPD events, Conferences & Active Learning Groups

Exclusive Discounts

Get our exclusive 

25% discount

when you join our workshops, training days and events.

And 70% to our 2023

 conference! (Latest conference)

New (Free) Advertise your practice at our TRAUMA INFORMED THERAPISTS' DIRECTORY

Click here to learn more about access and Members Area

Complex Trauma Institute
Membership in detail

The Complex Trauma Institute (CTI) offers two types of Memberships:
  • Annual (Yearly) Subscription (access to regular benefits + additional support: monthly Active Learning/Networking groups ) -  £95 (usually £195)
  • Annual (Monthly) Subscription (access to regular benefits) -  £9.5 ( 12 months contract), (usually £19.5)
  • Organisational Membership is coming soon

Our Members have access to our online Library, which includes Journal 'Perspectives on Complex Trauma' and more than 500 resources on the subject of complex trauma. You will find e-books, articles on the subjects of complex trauma and useful downloadable templates for your professional practice (Annual  & 6 Months Membership only).

We will keep you up-to-date about new benefits, events and updates with our monthly Newsletters and will also keep in touch through our Forum.

Do you feel you are lacking support and there is no one to talk to working in the field of complex trauma?

Keeping practitioners connected and offering professional support is at the heart of what we do. Here's how we provide this to our Annual members:​

  • Our Webinars are live-learning opportunities, all of them are FREE for our Yearly Members and it's online so you can join us from anywhere! We also record our webinars so you will have access to these recordings even if you can't join us live (CPD certificate always provided for our Annual members).


  • More E-Learning such as demo videos on some of our resources and techniques, material from previous conferences and PowerPoint resources will be available to you!


  • Our Online Forum, be part of our informative discussions (Yearly & Free Subscription), ask for professional support, advice, learn from your peers and keep connected! The forum is accessible 24/7 and 


  • Our Monthly Networking & Learning Groups called 'Active Learning Groups' is an online meeting space in which you can meet other members who also learn trauma-informed therapies, interact, exchange ideas, share resources and learn from each other. (Scroll down for a preview) - These groups take place monthly on the last Saturday of the month, 10:00 - 11:30 AM (UK time) +  2nd Thursday of the month, 18:00 -19:30 (UK time). book your free place here

Complex Trauma Institute (CTI) has been running training workshops across the UK and organised its first international complex trauma conference in partnership with the University of York (April 2019). Since the Covid-19 outbreak we have moved all of our workshops and events to an online platform (Zoom). We held our first virtual conference in 2020 and second virtual conference on the 27th of March 2021 ( and so on..) 

By subscribing to the Complex Trauma Institute Membership you will benefit from:

  • up to 25% discounts on our training workshops and other events. To book click here. 

  • 70 % discount on our 2023 5th International Complex Trauma Conference - Post-Traumatic Growth: Balancing Innovation, Research and Intervention on 2nd Sep 2023 or watch on demand.  To book click here. 

A preview to our monthly CTI Active Learning Groups

(every last Saturday of a the month at 10:00 UK time - 90 min + another group at 6pm on 2nd Thursday of the month, 2nd group facilitated by Arlette Kavanagh, systemic psychotherapist, supervisor )

Our Active Learning Groups is a learner/interested participant centred format with the elements of group support combined with group expertise:

  • It is a safe space for professionals to share experiences of working with complex trauma survivors, integrating an embodied way of working etc.

  • It helps with reducing isolation of professionals and is a way to connect with other members and those working with complex trauma

  • It fosters a collaborative supportive learning space for all

  • It helps to incorporate your current modality whilst including  a new perspective such as trauma informed practice & embodied re-processing, etc or more specific topics like working in schools, prisons, private settings, with young people, adults etc.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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