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Due to Covid-19 our Network Association Launch has been postponed until further notice.
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Being an associate of the Complex Trauma Therapist's Network (CTTN) means being part of a community of like-minded mental health professionals with access to a number of benefits & resources.

Services dues provide a significant source of funding for the Complex Trauma Institute (CTI), they sustain events that support our professional community & research programmes to develop our knowledge in the field of complex trauma.

Association Benefits
Educational Resources
Being connected
Trauma Informed Therapists' Directory

Unlimited access to our online library (articles, e-books, videos, templates)

E-learning  (Monthly Webinars live-learning opportunities)

Professional & peer support. Join our community of like-minded  professionals & keep connected through our directory, newsletters, forumswebinars.

Get a 10% discount when you join our workshops, training days and events.

Benefit from joining our Trauma Informed Therapists' Directory

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The Complex Trauma Therapist's Network (CTTN) Services in detail

The Complex Trauma Therapist's Network (CTTN) offers six types of services:
  • Free (access to Newsletters & Forum)
  • Yearly Subscription £95 per year
  • 6 Months Subscription £55 per 6 months (access to all benefits)
  • Directory Subscription £45 per year (conditional offer)
  • Webinars Subscription £25 one off Webinar
  • Online Group Supervision £25 one off or £180 yearly Online Group Supervision

Our online library includes more than (number) of resources on the subject of complex trauma. Including e-books, articles on the subjects of complex trauma and useful downloadable templates for your professional practice. (Yearly & 6 Months Subscription)

  • Quarterly Newsletters 

  • Access to online forums, be part of our informative discussions (Yearly & 6 Months Subscription)

Do you feel you are lacking support and there is no one to talk to when working in the field of complex trauma?

Keeping practitioners connected and offer professional support is at the heart of what we do. Here's a few ways we aim to achieve this:

  • Join our monthly Webinars (live-learning opportunities), it's online so you can join us from anywhere! - 2 hours  webinars (Yearly or 6 Months Subscription or one off subscription)

  • Join our Monthly Group Online Supervision (one off or yearly subscription)

Complex Trauma Institute (CTI) has been running training workshops across the UK and organised its first conference in partnership with the University of York (April 2019). 

By subscribing to The Complex Trauma Therapist's Network (CTTN) services you will benefit from 10% discounts to our training workshops and conferences. For more information on upcoming events click here.

Trauma Informed Therapists' Directory is offered by Complex Trauma Therapists' Network in the UK.

By subscribing to The Complex Trauma Therapist's Network  (CTN) services you will benefit from  joining Trauma Informed Therapists' Directory  (conditional offer - only for qualified professionals).