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Therapist Directory

Trauma Informed Therapists' Directory - FREE for our Annual Members!

The aim of our trauma-informed directory is to link therapists with individuals who may be seeking therapy to address their experiences and symptoms of trauma. We regularly receive messages from people looking for trauma-informed therapists. We are unable to recommend therapists on an individual basis but we can signpost people to our directory. 

This is a conditional offer - only for qualified professionals & our Annual CTI Members - ) - £55 for non-members Yearly 

You will be featured in our directory page for a year & you may need to resubmit your professional credentials after 12 months.

Please submit a registration form below. Please provide an evidence of the following professional credentials

- Certificate of your therapeutic qualification. 

- Certificate of your professional registration with a professional body (i.e. BACP, HCCP, UKCP , BPS etc.)

- A DBS check (if you work with children)

Reference from your current clinical supervisor ( just a confirmation from your supervisor). 

-  You need to fulfill at least one of the following requirements:

  1. Attend at least one CTI CPD workshop on Complex Trauma, or

  2. Attend the monthly group supervision via Zoom.

To have a look at our therapists' directory - Please click HERE.

Therapists' Directory Subscription Process


Join our Annual Membership (learn more)


Submit your reg form


Attend at least one CTTN CPD workshop on Complex Trauma (learn more)


Press the button below and fill the form with personal and professional information.

Including obligatory:

1)Professional certificates/diplomas,

2)Regulatory body registration (HCPC, UKCP, BACP, etc),

3)A DBS check or a reference from a previous employer/ supervisor.


You will receive an email confirmation

We will process your application during the next 5 working days and add your profile to our directory (link to directory)  

Please make sure to log in to your account and fulfill steps 1. and 2.

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