What we do

Complex Trauma Institute (CTI) developed from the Complex Trauma Therapists' Network in the UK (CTTN -complextrauma.uk) and was established to support personal and professional development for practitioners who support traumatised individuals.

We know that many agencies do not offer sufficient support or training when working with trauma. Therefore, we are filling this gap by providing CPD training based on the latest research in the field of trauma, a network association that will connect you to a network of professionals working with individuals experiencing complex trauma and research opportunities in this field. 

Our Aims:

1.  to furthering information & advancing a clinical, physical, psychological and philosophical understanding of the impact of complex trauma upon individuals and society.

2. to raise awareness of effective therapeutic interventions and systemic practice: through its research, active support of front line personnel, provision of professional development & training programs.

3. to raise the standards of care for those directly impacted by complex trauma.

4. to encourage national & international collaborations via publication and conference presentation.

5. to provide electronic resources & support services.

6. to become leading pioneers in the development and practice of new and innovative Experiential Trauma recovery tools for the treatment of complex trauma. 

7. to support professionals' engagement in research projects in the field of complex trauma.

 8. to create and maintain a supportive network of professionals with a common interest through our diverse subscriptions.

9. to raise awareness and promote trauma informed therapy across Health Care Professions. 

What we offer

We offer three areas of support to achieve the aims mentioned above. Our network association includes professional and peer support, educational resources and networking opportunities. Through our experiential workshops we provide with further learning for professional and personal development. We endorse and promote research opportunities in the field of single or complex trauma. 

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Who we are

Dzmitry Karpuk
Director , Researcher, Systemic Psychotherapist & Trainer

Dzmitry is registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) with over 25 years experience of working therapeutically within complex trauma recovery; for the last 14 years, being based in Leeds & Harrogate. He is a Family and Systemic Psychotherapist, also registered with the Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice (AFT). 

His work experience includes being a Paramedic and Nurse in the Armed Forces, before training and working as a Counselling Psychologist in various settings. Dzmitry is particularly recognised for his significant experience in delivering trauma-related training to various professionals, both nationally and internationally. He is the Founder of the Complex Trauma Therapist Network in the UK (CTTN).

His particular professional interests include supporting professionals working with traumatised and vulnerable clients, burnout and secondary trauma impact on professionals. He is also a trainer and a team member of Blake Emergency Services & Suicide Bereavement UK.


He regularly delivers individual and group supervision. His research interests are currently employed as collaborator to various trauma related projects with the Department of Philosophy at the University of York.

Paul John Griffiths
Honorary Consultant, Trainer, Chartered Psychologist & Researcher

Paul is registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) as a Practitioner Psychologist, he specialises in trauma informed therapy; as a Chartered Psychologist & Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS), he holds the positions of Chair Elect to the North East of England Branch and Committee Member for the Special Group of Independent Practitioners. He regularly sits on the Advisory Panel to HMP Grendon, the UK’s first therapeutic prison.

Considerable experience of working independently within the UK’s legal system since 1999, providing psychological opinion to civil, family and criminal courts in the UK and the Isle of Man. Prior employment includes the National Probation and Health Services, working with Indeterminate and Restricted Offenders. In addition, has worked within Prison, and Community based Therapeutic Communities, Housing Associations, and Charitable Organisations providing residential therapeutic interventions. Since 2003, has been a Practitioner in Brief Strategic Therapy working with traumatised personnel either returning from theatres of conflict, or who work within frontline emergency services.

Forensic psychological interests include working with traumatised adolescents (16+) and adults (18+) who commit serious and specific offences; prison and mental health law; developmental impact of complex trauma; effective supervision for therapist working with complex trauma clients, assessment & risk management; leaving care, re-integration; psychological first-aid, substance-use and personality disorder.

Celia Dawson
Trainer, Psychotherapist

Celia is a Co-ordinator at the International Focusing Institute (USA), who originally trained as a person-centred psychotherapist in the UK. Celia has over 25 years counselling experience and is the Co-Founder of the Complex Trauma Therapist Network in the UK (CTTN).

For many years she ran a successful counselling service in Bradford, and upon retirement, has continued with a small private practice to date, but her passion remains teaching Focusing-Oriented Therapy.  

Together with Dzmitry, Celia has run successful training workshops within the UK specifically for therapists working with complex trauma clients. Internationally, Celia has provided trauma informed webinars on behalf of the International Focusing Institute to their worldwide membership.

Yuko Micus
Administrator, Art Psychotherapist

Yuko is registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) as an Art Psychotherapist. She works with adults and older adults diagnosed with dementia for Devon Partnership Trust (NHS), specifically with patients with identified complex trauma.


In addition to her paid employment, Yuko volunteers for BCHA Housing Association, where one of her particular interests include recognising the links between homelessness and psychological factors related to traumatic experiences. 


Yuko is aware of the multidimensional benefits of complimentary therapy when working with complex trauma clients; in order to develop her embodied approach further, Yuko is researching the benefits of personal Yoga training.