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Our Latest Workshop Testimonials

  1. Fantastic course. Many thanks.

  2. Great range of exercises/tools thank youdefinatlely worth your time

  3. Course is beneficial for basic trauma awareness, a good stepping stone into further development.

  4. Informative and interesting training

  5. This was a very comprehensive introduction to the safety and stabilization phase of managing the legacy of trauma

  6. Excellent training. I highly recommend you invest.

  7. The experiential nature of the course makes it very valuable.

  8. I highly recommend this CPD as a foundation for working safely with trauma

  9. very informative on body awareness, especially the importance of different approaches

  10. It is an informative workshop that helps to clarify what complex trauma work is

  11. I really enjoyed learning with the Complex Trauma Institute. I have learnt the importance of assessment, formulation and care-planning.

  12. This training has helped me to stay grounded and recognise/remember the importance of the first stage of trauma

  13. Great training. I feel much more confident about using embodied practices / psychoeducation in my practice now. Really enjoyed the way the training was delivered - relaxed and accessible

  14. Really helpful, informative, inspirational and important.

  15. Really interesting and insightful training

  16. I found the training through and very well delivered and would recommend it to others.

  17. I learnt the importance of giving the body what it needs to create comfort and safety; essential for clients with trauma and the therapists treating them! The theory was cemented through experiential learning, with some really practical techniques and useful psychoeducation.

  1. I have appreciated gaining an understanding of how to work with trauma without the risk of re-traumatisation.

  2. The training is excellent and really help you to understand CPTSD and how to deal with in in the practice room. Plus to discover who are you a a practitioner and learn how to deal with you own traumas or stuff realted with it.

  3. Some really useful tools and models - I cant wait to put them into practice.

  4. Brilliant training. Highly recommend all the courses

  5. Excellent course. It is the experiential aspect that helps so much and makes the theory come alive!

  6. I absolutely loved this training - so deep and so holding. Thank you so much.

  7. I am loving being part of the UK trauma revolution via the Complex Trauma Institute

  8. A second to none training workshop that it is a must-have for any professionals wanting to further their understanding, knowledge and develop their practice in Complex Trauma.

  9. Dzmitry and Celia are not only inspiring tutors, but real in their approach. I learned so much from the weekend and from the highly skilled and lovely participants who attended. Dzmitry is an excellent facilitator and really made the environment on the course inclusive, authentic and dynamic.

  10. I found the support throughout the training excellent especially when a student may need additional support which was dealt with respectfully and sensitively.

  11. This course consolidated my understanding of the need for safety throughout processing work, and gave practical powerful exercises to use with clients.

Stage 1 - Safety & Stabilisation (Zoom)- Complex Trauma Work during the 1st phase of trauma recovery (Single, Multiple & Childhood Trauma) - 2022/23

Stage 2 - Working with adult survivors of childhood trauma - working with shame and guilt - 2022/23

  1. Very interesting bringing together the need for grounding and calming in order to do the work with nightmares. I really like the process developed here

  2. A well run course, very informative

  3. Another training with CTTN which was really enjoyable and thought provoking. I will use the techniques within my practice.

  4. Thank you

  5. Great workshop. It has help me to undrestand better interventions with C-PTSD and nightmares. Great to be able to practice during the worshop.

  6. Really helpful and insightful course that gave various example and how to introduce to clients. Felt relatable and not jargon heavy

  7. Each course I have attended has been rich with learning and content, both theory and experiential

  8. Very engaging weekend.

  9. I now understand that dreams are relative to the bodies experience.

  10. Highly recommend this training for all therapists

  11. Excellent training experiences in practical application of supporting clients.

Working with Nightmares 2022/23

  1. Very interesting workshop

  2. Highly recommend these trainings.

  3. An excellent training and very good value for the cost

  4. Highly recommended experiential trauma training.

  5. It is a course that helps to develop professional perspecrive and personal understanding, which all in all is expected to develop an ability to deal with trauma.

  6. An excellent opportunity to engage with other professionals while learning real valuable skills to help my clients.

  7. Really useful supportive practical training - vital in fact for working with trauma. Helpful to have repetition built in from other training to build knowledge and recap etc. Each time I learn a bit more

  8. The training was packed with techniques that I can use in my practice straight away and the trainers were clear and very supportive. Thank you very much

  9. Extremely helpful training, reshaping personal and professional practice

  10. A course that every therapist should attend. Profoundly helpful personally and a clear, theoretically sound, safe, respectful and healing framework for client work. Could not recommend enough.

  11. Really amazing experiential training, done in a calm and safe way

Stage 2 - Working with Intrusive Memory Experiences 2022/23

Working with Children: Helping Children Cope with Trauma (Nov - Dec 2021)

"I have learned so much already about a brand new field. I am now extremely excited about the next stage of CPD within this area."

"Some great, creative and playful ideas I can use with clients. Feeling re-inspired and it has developed my confidence"

"Thank you for designing a course that is practical and informative. Dzmitry’s knowledge and
experience is inspirational. I cannot thank you enough!


Steph Dawson

Penny Roscoe-Jones

"Enjoyable Training"


"Everyone needs to attend this training it is the foundation of what we need to do work with clients
who have experienced complex trauma. Excellent, Dzmitry is very knowledgeable."

Nicola Garbutt

"The training was very valuable and informative , I would recommend it to anyone working with
children and young people"

Karenza Cutting

Working with children

Working with Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma, Stage 2 (November 2020)

Woking with adult survivors

"Very helpful workshop, good balance of theory and practicing ideas in pairs . Also good learning from others in the group. Thank you"

"Natural next step in learning, expertly covered"

"A very thorough practically led workshop, the two trainers were very experienced in their field and explained sessions with an understanding of each process - very well delivered. Thank you "

Caroline Screen


A worthwhile training weekend - highly recommend it!

Rachel Birch


"Another great workshop which has really helped me understand and practice an embodied approach to use with clients who experienced complex trauma. Thank you"

Clare Price

Working with nightmares

Working with Nightmares, Stage 2 (October 2019)

"This is a really important way of integrating somatic responses into trauma informed therapeutic work"

"Thank you for delivering this training for our team!"

"This training enabled me to understand different approaches to let go of logical mind, and build a connection with body  & hold memories in the here and now. Great training to understand complex trauma"

Sarah Temple-Smith

Sasha Nemeckova


"Fantastic training as always"

"Training with heart - Dzmitry knows the work we do inside out - that;s really refreshing and valuable. His emphasis on self care and body work is much needed in therapeutic world"

"The training gave me a better understanding of my own dreams and nightmares. I feel more confident in working with this."

Carolyn Lloyd

Becky Ridgell

Alycia Campbell

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