Our Latest Workshop Testimonials

Working with Children: Helping Children Cope with Trauma (Nov - Dec 2021)

"I have learned so much already about a brand new field. I am now extremely excited about the next stage of CPD within this area."


"Some great, creative and playful ideas I can use with clients. Feeling re-inspired and it has developed my confidence"

Steph Dawson

"Thank you for designing a course that is practical and informative. Dzmitry’s knowledge and
experience is inspirational. I cannot thank you enough!

Penny Roscoe-Jones

"Enjoyable Training"


"Everyone needs to attend this training it is the foundation of what we need to do work with clients
who have experienced complex trauma. Excellent, Dzmitry is very knowledgeable."

Nicola Garbutt

"The training was very valuable and informative , I would recommend it to anyone working with
children and young people"

Karenza Cutting


Working with Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma, Stage 2 (November 2020)


"Very helpful workshop, good balance of theory and practicing ideas in pairs . Also good learning from others in the group. Thank you"

Caroline Screen

"Natural next step in learning, expertly covered"

"A very thorough practically led workshop, the two trainers were very experienced in their field and explained sessions with an understanding of each process - very well delivered. Thank you "



A worthwhile training weekend - highly recommend it!

Rachel Birch

"Another great workshop which has really helped me understand and practice an embodied approach to use with clients who experienced complex trauma. Thank you"

Clare Price


Working with Nightmares, Stage 2 (October 2019)

"This is a really important way of integrating somatic responses into trauma informed therapeutic work"

Sarah Temple-Smith

"Thank you for delivering this training for our team!"

Sasha Nemeckova

"This training enabled me to understand different approaches to let go of logical mind, and build a connection with body  & hold memories in the here and now. Great training to understand complex trauma"


"Fantastic training as always"

"Training with heart - Dzmitry knows the work we do inside out - that;s really refreshing and valuable. His emphasis on self care and body work is much needed in therapeutic world"

"The training gave me a better understanding of my own dreams and nightmares. I feel more confident in working with this."

Carolyn Lloyd

Becky Ridgell

Alycia Campbell

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