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This page guides to using Members Area for accessing resources and materials after purchasing Annual Membership Plan 

  • How does Members Area work?

  • What is CTI Membership?

  • How to join?

I want to learn more about Membersip

  • What is CTI Membership?

We're here to support all professionals (non - clinicians as well as clinicians) working with traumatized clients on their learning journey, focusing on complex trauma-informed competencies. Our primary goal is to offer a variety of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities tailored to meet your specific needs, available whenever you need them. We provide different levels of engagement to suit your preferences:

·       Occasional Support: If you feel that your initial training or membership in umbrella associations may not fully prepare you for working with complex traumatized clients, our Membership offers valuable additional occasional support to bridge this gap

·       Regular Support: Working in isolation is common, but with our Membership, you gain regular support, ensuring you have a community of peers and resources to rely on, thus enhancing your professional journey

Membership Benefits

Educational Resources

Unlimited access to:

our Journal & Online Library

(articles, e-books, videos, templates)


(Webinars, Demo Videos, Workshops, Conferences)

Monthly Learning Groups Supervision

(Saturdays at 10:00 + Thursdays 18:00)

 The Learning Group Supervision

Being connected

We know that our work can often be isolating...

So we offer professional and peer support.

Join our community of

like-minded  professionals and keep connected through our:

Newsletters, Forum, CPD events & Active Learning Group

Exclusive Discounts

Get our exclusive 

25% discount

when you join our workshops, training days and events.

And 70% to our 2024

 conference! (Latest conference)

New (Free) Advertise your practice at our TRAUMA INFORMED THERAPISTS' DIRECTORY

  • How to join?

1. Press the "Join" button below

2. CTI Membership plan selection page will open, select your Annual plan and proceed to payment

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I already have Membership

  • How does Members Area work?

Members Area gives access to pages that are available only after purchasing

Annual  Membership

To access 'members only' pages please

1. Make sure you are logged in to your account with valid Annual  CTI Membership (Log in)

2. Use the menu next to the "Members Area" button on the top of our website to navigate between our 'members only' pages


Here, Annual Members will find a variety of information that we hope you will find useful:

  1.      Join our 'Monthly Learning Group Supervision' ( 2 groups: 10:00 UK time, last Saturday of the month + another group at 6 pm UK time 2nd Thursday of the month) where our members have the opportunity to support each other and share their skills in working with complex trauma (90 min each group) Leaning Group Supervision Booking | Complex Trauma UK 

  2.    Regular updates of our library including all CTI Journal Issues: Library | Complex Trauma UK

  3.   Unlimited access to watch resources on demand (including: Webinars, Presentations and Demos of Trauma Informed Techniques) E-Learning Videos | Complex Trauma UK

  4.    Book Experiential Zoom CPD Complex Trauma Workshops (safety & stabilisation, working with flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, nightmares, guilt & shame as a part of working with Adults survivors of Childhood Trauma) - 25% discount to our CPD workshops: Book CPD Workshops  + as well up to 70% to our fabulous (latest) yearly Conferences - next one here

  5.     Priority booking for our live webinars (CPD certificates available only for our members): Booking | Complex Trauma UK

  6.    Access to our online forum: Forum | Complex Trauma UK

  7.    Free access to our journal 'Perspectives on Trauma': Library | Complex Trauma UK

  8.    Unlimited access to our previous conferences with CPD certificates (video presentations ), Conferences (Members) | Complex Trauma UK

  9.    Free Subscription to our Trauma Informed Therapists' Directory (for qualified therapists): Directory (Application) | Complex Trauma UK

  10. The Rewind Technique - discounted for Annual Members - only £75 - click here  

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