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Virtual International & Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Complex Trauma and its Treatment
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From here to there – losing and finding your way with embodiment
Oct 24, 10:00 AM – 11:15 AM GMT+1
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Virtual Conference on International & Multidisciplinary Perspectives
on Complex Trauma and its Treatment

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Organised  by Complex Trauma Therapists' Network in the UK (CTTN) and Complex Trauma Institute (CTI)

in collaboration with the University of York

Following the success of our first conference 'International & Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Complex Trauma and its Treatment' (July 2019) we are delighted to announce our second one-day conference as part of a collaboration between the Complex Trauma Institute (CTI) and the Complex Trauma Therapists’ Network UK (CTTN) and the University of York (3rd April 2020).

The conference will offer a combination of keynote presentations and workshops facilitated by UK-based and International professionals in the field of complex trauma. We will have clinicians sharing their experience from Germany, Canada, Ireland and the UK.

The conference will provide a forum for practitioners working with different issues around complex trauma with a view to share perspectives, best practices, improving mutual understanding of complex trauma and further collaboration. You will also hear about our successful collaboration with academics from the University of York and why it is important to engage academia in research around different issues of complex trauma. It will cover topics such as:
  • An update around new development around Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (ICD -11)

  • Nightmares and the Ethics of Trauma Memory

  • Complex Trauma and Pain

  • Embodied Reprocessing for working with complex trauma

  • How to prepare clients for trauma-integration

  • Differential understandings and responses to domestic abuse and violence

  • Understanding a Complex Trauma through the perspective of the biological Fear System

  • Latest development around suicide bereavement  

  • Working systemically with adoptive families

  • Trauma & Mental Health in Offenders

The conference will include a combination of international keynote presentations and workshops: there will be a number of practical workshops for psychotherapists and others working with trauma sufferers; workshops on key theoretical issues related to trauma; and perspectives and experiences from the NHS, voluntary and private sectors.
The provisional line-up of speakers and workshops are as follows:



  • Professor Tom Stoneham or Dr. R A Davies (University of York)​, Nightmares and the Ethics of Trauma Memory

  • Dr. Jonathan Egan (Deputy Director DPsychSc Programme in Clinical Psychology, NUI Galway School of Psychology Ireland) - Complex Trauma and Pain

  • Dermot Brady (Senior Lecturer Social Work Kingston and St. George’s University of London)- We need to talk; differential understandings and responses to domestic abuse and violence. 

  • Michael Guiding (Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor in Private Practice) - Complex Trauma viewed through the perspective of the biological Fear System

  • Paul-John Griffiths (Chartered Forensic Psychologist, Chair Elect: British Psychological Society - North East of England Branch + Committee Member - Special Group for Independent Practitioners) - World Health Organisation’s ICD -11 Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: an update on intended changes due January 2022 for those working with Complex Trauma


Morning Workshops:


  1. Embodied Reprocessing for working with complex trauma: dealing with internalised voices. 
    Dzmitry Karpuk, (CTTN) Trainer, Supervisor, Consultant & Systemic Family Psychotherapist & Celia Dawson, (CTTN), Trainer & Person-Centred Psychotherapist, Certifying Coordinator at the International Focusing Institute (USA)

  2. Essential Preparatory Work for Processing Complex Trauma: Techniques for you and your client.
    Isa Julgalad  (Psychologist, Systemic Therapist, Germany)

    3. Reconstructing ‘Personhood’ When the Assumptive World is Shattered by Trauma.
Karla Dolinsky (Counsellor and Psychotherapist in Private Practice & EMDR Therapist, Crime Victim Assistance            Programme (CVAP), Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)


Afternoon Workshops:


    4. Giving a Voice to Those Bereaved or Affected by Suicide. 
Dr. Sharon McDonnell (MD of Suicide Bereavement, UK and Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Manchester)

   5. Working systemically with adoptive families.
Hugh Palmer (Systemic Family Psychotherapist- SFT- work with families who have adopted children)

   6. It’s all in the Label: Trauma & Mental Health in Offenders. 
Diane Harrison (Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, & Counselling Psychologist in Training, The University of Manchester)

Our online conference was initially taking place at the University of York on the 3rd of April. Due to Covid-19, we decided to move the conference to an online platform and host our first online conference. Following demand, we are now offering access to our conference material. Please read for further information below and register. 

The online conference includes 9 recorded presentations + 11 recorded webinars. You can find further information on the content of our conference by scrolling down. 


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This Virtual Conference was originally going to be hosted as per below:

3rd April 2020 

(09:30 - 18:00)

Derwent College (University of York) 

As soon as you pay £45 you will get immediate access to our conference (please check your spam box if you don't receive an email from us with an attached file). 

As soon as you pay £10 (bulk orders) you will get an access to our conference in 48 hours. An email will be sent to you with instructions. 

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