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2019 Training Feedback

"... such a well balanced 2 days - I have learned many practical tools I can use in my work with clients..."

"... 100% recommend this course to anyone interested in, or already working with traumatised clients..."

"... excellent ideas for embodied exercises..."

"... well delivered training, encouraged regularly for questions and feedback and in a friendly and welcoming environment..."

"... this training has given me a very clear understanding of the 1st phase of trauma recovery, how I can apply it to my work and self care..."

"... very practical training in trauma work. I gained a deeper understanding of the importance of addressing the bodily causations vs trauma narrative..."

2019 Conference Feedback

"... very helpful to hear different perspectives on understanding complex trauma and sharing experiences with such a knowledgeable and diverse group..."

"... I valued the mix of theory, philosophy and practice..."

"... most enjoyable and informative. The chance to learn from leaders in their field and hear different views and theories..."

"... fabulous range of topics..."

"... getting together with like minded people. Finding out about new development and research. Loved the philosophy! Refreshing..."

"... an opportunity to learn about others' perspectives of trauma and to develop a deeper understanding of the components of trauma therapy..."

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Ana Ardelean (December 2018)
The course was a good introduction to working with trauma and it served very well in breaking particular preconception and stereotypes I had before about trauma therapy. I feel more confident in handling children exposed to trauma but also more aware of my own practice.

Njoki Clegg (December 2018)
The experiential element gives therapist understanding from both therapist and client perspective  

Rowena Jones (December 2018)
Really enjoyed the training – would/will recommend! will be keeping an eye out for more training available

Lilian Zac (December 2018)
Interesting training that focuses on safety and stabilisation

Sarah Sturmey (December 2018)
I can see that this training will benefit to our organisation on so many levels, with clients, volunteers , colleagues and individuals seeking to help young people cope with trauma.

Mary Chelinski (November 2018)
Thank you very much Dzmitry for a rich learning experience with you this weekend as well as your ongoing commitment to trauma work 

Amanda Gibbons (November 2018)
Excellent, guality training. Well delivered in comfortable environment from experienced therapist

Steph Futher (November 2018)
The workshops brings together range of theoretical and research papers and translates them into model of practice
Lesley Warriner (November 2018)
Let me know about future training events
Niall Roche (November 2018)
It was an informative and well run CPD event. I would recommend it.
Marie Varney (November 2018)
Excellent training-I really wanted to learn techniques to help me in my work with traumatised clients, to become more confident in guiding clients with somatic processing. Very comprehensive but not just theory.

Catherine Horton (November 2018)
Has increased my knowledge and confidence in working with clients who have experienced trauma

Claire Hanley Stakes (November 2018)
Great way of working if a client in stuck in their process, if their emotions feel too overwhelming to approach

Lynn Buckley (November 2018)
Powerful tools to integrate into current practice 

(October, 2018)
Jessica Cairns (October, 2018)
Great training, knowledgeable and attuned trainer
Sarah Palmer (October, 2018)
This training has helped me to consider way to help children with trauma, most importantly in a way that safe and manageable. I feel more confident in my own ability to practice this method

Carla Grady (October, 2018)
In depth concept of working with trauma + stages to help and follow

Ana Mazowiecka (October, 2018)
I very much enjoyed this training. It integrated my understanding of step by step approach to working with people who suffer from PTSD. I had fragmented knowledge before coming

Rebecca Fudger (October, 2018)
This workshop has been such a safe space to learn, ask questions, practice , get things wrong and learn some more through talking with peers. Thank you

Sharon Barlin (October, 2018)
Another very comprehensive training programme, Interesting to hear other people’s experiences and how they use these techniques

Yusra Munir (October, 2018)
Essential for trainee counsellor and students, gain vital tools to utilise and transfer in practice. I wish I’d been taught like this in Uni.

Rachel Read (September, 2018)
Excellent training/trainer. Beneficial for my clients but also for myself, fully recommend.
Anne Murphy (September, 2018)
So useful as a reminder of the importance of integrating the body – mind relationship
Tom Taylor (September, 2018)
I enjoyed the training – engaging trainer and good facilitation 

Therapist (July 2018)
Thank you so much for inspirational weekend training and your sharing of many helping doors that help the parallel process of client and worker, a joy to attend
Claire Stakes (July 2018)
I would recommend the course to other professionals
Ruth Murtagh (July 2018)
It was very rich, informative training with a perfect balance of theory, psychoeducation and experiential work
Donna Alexander (July 2018)
An excellent valuable journey for both my practice and self-reflection/internal supervisor! thank you
Jen Guest (July 2018)
A great training course: informative and inspirational 

Fran PIERRE (July 2018)
A really nice supportive training that is flexible enough to include people with  a range of experiences learning needs
Ruth Murtagh (July 2018)
Thank you
Lindsay Robinson (July 2018)
Really informative training – would definitely recommend
Lindsay Baker(July 2018)
A safe guide for the difficult path through working with dreams with traumatised clients
Ben Amponsah (July 2018)
This was the 2 day workshop, it was worth every day. Dzmitry is a fantastic trainer
Arlette Kavanagh (July 2018)
Engaging + experiential workshop, which creates a great space for learning + developing new skills
Vini Knights (June 2018)
Very helpful to have a different perspective on what you think you know
Valerie Long (June 2018)
Excellent training, I would recommend it for all therapists as dreams are important content of the work-processing trauma. I have gained confidence using a new concept in my work.
Wendy Robertson (June 2018)
Excellent training – learning through experience with just the right amount of theory
Hatice Hakki (June 2018)
I feel the training has armed me with confident techniques which I can use with my client while keeping in a safe place helping her explore positive meanings, to help her manage more.
Kate Smith (June 2018)
A very useful, interesting training –validating of much that I already know and use and resourcing with more

Dr Rionach Casey (June 2018)
It was an excellent course! Dzmitry is so knowledgeable and clear in his presentation of the material. I learnt a lot to bring to my practice with immediate effect.

Amanda Jarold (June 2018)
Fabulous experiential learning

Tom McGahan (June 2018)
Excellent, Supportive, Knowledgeable trainer

Donna Alexander (June 2018)
An excellent insightful and impactful weekend. Recommended

Cerys Lock (June 2018)
Another excellent weekend workshop. Looking forward to the next one

Madeleine Kay (June 2018)
I am beginning to see how I can apply this in non-professional situations in my life. Also, it helps me with understanding further the impact on adult survivors.

Bettina Dreier (May 2018)
Really enjoyed the training, thank you
Jennifer Walters (May 2018)
Trainer is confident and experienced in what he does, and made participants feel relaxed and increased confidence.
 Zohreh Rahimi (May 2018)
Great training, informative; facilitator very experienced + clear and responsive to the group
Maide Showell(May 2018)
This training takes you
Emine yYoca (May 2018)
Thank you , it was my first time that I felt very good after training, the method was excellent. Thank you
Therapist (May 2018)
Excellent training presentation, thank you
Harmin Sijercic (May 2018)
I do feel enlightened
Sandy Homouda (May 2018)
Excellent exercises and participation with colleagues (rare opportunity) was so lovely and enjoyable  
Funda Kansu (May 2018)
It was a very enjoyable and informative experience. Thank you Dzmitry
Sarah Rose (May 2018)
Thank you very much, inspiring and fresh
Zoe  Cricks (May 2018)
This training was experiential and created a really interesting forum for learning the importance of mechanism involved body senses
 Lourdes Berdasco (May 2018)
It is really relevant in this area of work – to be able to relax and use humour as a way of realising all the stress that we are dealing with and how this affects our body and mind (like humour in training delivery)
Eoin McNeill (May 2018)
Excellent overall 2 days , well use of experiential with ideas and theories.
 Akiko Kobayashi (May 2018)
Thank you ! the handout looks very well-prepared,  

Chryssa Michailidou (April 2018)
The type of training that all mental health professionals should attend, as most trainings tend to forget the therapists responds when working with trauma.

Stella Kruger (April 2018)
This was very interesting and an insightful journey!

 Angela Roberts (April 2018)
Excellent course, good to focus on self in training
Eleanor Reed (April 2018)
I thoroughly enjoyed 2 day training! It was incredibly informative and I learnt many new things that I can apply to myself in terms of self-care to my clients in order to ensure best practice!
Ulrike Meister  (April 2018)
I really enjoyed the training and will leave with better understanding + how to implement it. I feel much more confident and much better equipped in working with people with complex trauma + how to look after my self! Thank you!
Cherie Deakin  (April 2018)
I have enjoyed the course, its given me useful techniques to use, to keep myself well and to use with clients. I feel more confident now how to use these, as before it felt quite abstract.
Allison Lobley (April 2018)
This course brings together a wealth of knowledge a research experience and presents this a way which is easy to access.
(April 2018)
Psychotherapist (April 2018)
This was a useful formal introduction to working with trauma, helped me to bring together what I already know with new material. Thank you.
Psychotherapist (April 2018)
 I found this training very interesting, as I did not have much training on including body, so I have learnt new useful techniques which I can apply with my clients, exercises gave me more clarity how to apply it with clients. And training was very well delivered.
Fionna Barber (April 2018)
It was a … I have gained a better understanding about trauma.
Natalia (April 2018)
Good workshop to consolidate what you might have read or heard before
Sarah Palmer (April 2018)
Very happy that the training was experiential, reflective and sometimes challenging. The trainer kept the group safe and grounded.
Jessica Cairns (April 2018)
Really enjoyed the 2 days, good trainer. Thank you.
Rachel Hendron (April 2018)
Excelent balance of information and exercises to build a confidence and clarity around this work.
(April 2018)
Diane Lazenby (April 2018)
I like how these courses build on each other, deepening my understanding at each step
Tayba Azim (April 2018)
A fantastic workshop that enables you to experience an practice in a safe environment enabling you to better understand working with trauma clients.
Mary Moore (March 2018)
The experiential experience on these courses is life shifting and practice shifting
Margaret McGee (March 2018)
My understanding of the ‘groundwork’ required in order to successfully re process trauma has been expanded and deepened as a result of attending this specialised training program.

 Beth Hamilton (March 2018)
Have used this weekend for personal therapy which I did not realise was ‘stuck’ in me. FANTASTIC. These techniques are essential for anyone who calls themselves a therapist. So very glad I came. THANK YOU so much.
Audur Gudmundsdottir (March 2018)
Thank you very much. This has been excellent for my practice as trauma therapist. Looking forward to the next one and for more collaboration.
Therapist (March 2018)
Thank you!

Carmen Castillo (March 2018)
A  must  training to start learning about the beginning of trauma recovery.
Mahtab Kafi (March 2018)
I really appreciate this training – it was a fantastic, informative workshop. Thank you so much.
Sally Masson (March 2018)
thank you for helping me to get in touch with my own process in therapy with clients as well as gaining understanding of how the body remembers the trauma.
Nilufar Rahim (March 2018)
In short space of time I gained a much deeper understanding of working with complex trauma and I feel confident in using some of strategies with clients.
Fatma Giabou (March 2018)
It was amazing session for me which empowered my skills and helped me to be confident.
Patricia Almohalla (March 2018)
I feel much more confident working with trauma. Thank you so much
Simy Jewell (March 2018)
I really value trainer’s presence. I feel very safe with him. A special quality is very valuable to clients and the participants.
Monica Dec (March 2018)
Thanks for thei training, I have gained a new understanding of how we can work with traumatised clients. I have also enjoyed to practice relaxation techniques during the training
Felix Gonzalez (March 2018)
A very useful and positive training. I would recommend it to every therapist, an unbelievable tool to help clients
Negeen Zohari (March 2018)
Thanks for the training. Thought provoking and hopefully I will feel confident to integrate them into my work
Lubna Abidi (March 2018)
I really enjoyed the whole workshop and I will be looking for more of these workshops in the future
Roda Ali (March 2018)
This training has empowered me to work with confidence in the therapy room

Carol Sexty (February 2018)
Excellent workshop (on working with dreams and nightmares), building on what I learnt in previous complex trauma workshops Stage 1 and Stage 2.
Psychotherapist (February 2018)
Thorough and professional training. Safe and well-boundaried.
Psychotherapist (February 2018)
I found it helpful you pointing out again and again that these are not fixed processes (dreams & nightmares), but are open to individual creativity and situations
Cerys Lock (February 2018)
A fantastic opportunity to explore and build on my current knowledge of dreams + nightmares in relation to complex trauma. Now feeling enthused and confident to put these learnings into practice.
Michelle Overton (February 2018)
I have really enjoyed both days, I have learned and practiced skills that I will go on to use in my daily practice. I feel confident. Thank you.
Wahada Majid (February 2018)
Highly recommend this course as you will leave feeling very confident to work with Nightmares. Thank you to Dzmitry and Celia for giving me the opportunity to learn so much needed and new skills.
Emma Shaw (February 2018)
It was a great workshop – the passion for the work comes across from all the workshop leaders – very useful and very enjoyable –thank you.
Tayba Azim (February 2018)
The course was extremely insightful personally as well as professionally. The course was more experiencial than theory and was particularly refreshing and knowing how to utilise some of the interventions when working with clients, it was easy to access.
Jutta Vetter (February 2018)
This was Stage 1, so still lots to learn, but course was excellent I cannot go for 9 & 10 as I will need to work with clients this way.
Wendy Appleyard (February 2018)
A really enjoyable comprehensive weekend that re-ignited my interest not only in trauma but also in counselling generally.  
Psychotherapist (February 2018)
Excellent training, very well structured and managed. I valued how you put our wellbeing as therapists as paramount and encouraged us to practice self-care during the whole weekend. 

Phil Mitchel (December 2017)
particular helpful: ​The trauma theory, the updated 6Fs + present, past and future model + clarification on triggers and re-tarumatisation

Ana Hayrabedian (December 2017)
particular helpful: Style of delivering, meeting others and sharing ways of learning, going away with lots of tools to use straight away

Lisa Blaney (December 2017)
Thank you!

Sally Bell (December 2017)
Course has enabled me to understand theory around trauma + Course has given me lots of accessible tools to start to use in practice + reassurance offered – do have basic skills can now build on these

Sharon Barlin (November 2017)
Very informative, interesting and certainly giving an overview of working with nightmares and dreams
Syma Sanford (November 2017)
I fully enjoyed the experience . I would like to attend a future workshops to talk about learning further and re visit learning.  
Sue Doughty (November 2017)
A fantastic look into working with Nightmares and Dreams to be developed in the future with more confidence. Thank you for a very enjoyable training.
Counselling Psychologist, (November 2017)
Thank you
Sheila Kasbova (November 2017)
Well worth attending & challenging ways of working

Amanda Jarrold (November 2017)
Highly recommend this accessible training to anyone working in the field
Carol (November 2017)
Excellent workshop – well paced, informative, nurturing + balanced. Thank you
Beth Longstaff (November 2017)
 Fantastic training – can put into use straight away. Very skilled and engaging trainers.
Nial Roche (November 2017)
I would recommend the two stage complex trauma training as CPD and as refresher training.
Janet Robinson (November 2017)
Powerful Stuff!
Kerry Slater (November 2017)
A very insightful weekend, great bunch of people, useful material and very helpful to practice exercises together. I would recommend to all trainees to better understand working with trauma.  

Jacqui Bird (October 2017)
A very enjoyable two days with some thought provoking ideas
Michael Guilding (October 2017)
Rare among therapeutic training. This approach aspects exiting knowledge & expertise builds on it in a safe non-competitive environment. I would highly recommend it to therapists of all
Louise Fenton (October 2017)
Excellent training which I will take back to my practice.
Justyna Muller (October 2017)
A great way of safely working with trauma and nightmares
Linda Barker (October 2017)
The workshop more than met my expectations. The learning was useful and valuable to any clinicians and at pace that allowed the learning to be experienced 

Cerys Lock.  (23/24th September 2017)
I’ve had an excellent weekend, learnt loads in such a short space of time. Informative, fun and useful. I can see me using this knowledge both personally and professionally. Dzmitry has an obvious extensive knowledge in this field. Thank you. 

Chrissie Hinge (23/24th September 2017)
Very engaging with lots of space for personal reflections, personalities of facilitators shone through.

Carol Sexty (23/24th September 2017)
Really thorough, interesting and informative.

Diane Lazenby (23/24th September 2017)
A really reach and valuable course. Diane Lazenby
Tim Moore (23/24th September 2017)
A thoroughly productive course. Informative and has helped me to use the skills we explored.
Millie Hewitt (23/24th September 2017)
Thoroughly enjoyed course, it was insightful, and had a good balance between theory and practice.

Mary Moore (23/24th September 2017)
This training will substantially add to my counselling practice and has greatly encouraged me around the need for self-care. The trauma approach is very inclusive and encouraging.

Kat Bradford (16/17th September 2017)
An engaging and very informative session. I am taking away a lot of practical information which I feel confident I will use with my clients and for myself. 

Psychotherapist (16/17th September 2017)
A very safe and contained training experience

Julia Burne (16/17th September 2017)
The time passed very quickly , an atmosphere of support engendered within the group.

Amanda Jarrold (16/17th September 2017)
Exellent, informative, experiencial training. Made me slow down and understand the phases of the work of recovery.

Shabana Baig (16/17th September 2017)
Great emphasis on body work which is essential in trauma therapy.

Louise Fenton (17/18th June 2017)
Excellent training which made me look at altering some aspects of my training. It has helped me evolve as a therapist.
Sarah Jane (17/18th June 2017)
Worth travelling all the way from Kent, Thank you!
Lucy Smith (17/18th June 2017)
Brilliant training, which has consolidated and expanded my awareness of trauma. I feel confident to use the learning in my work with children.
Counsellor (17/18th June 2017)
A very enjoyable two days training.
Kerrie McCullough (17/18th June 2017)
A held, supportive space was provided so we could explore and develop ideas about working with trauma. Thank you!
Psychotherapist (17/18th June 2017)
I would recommend this training, very experiential, but I came away with what I needed to learn about Trauma.
Victoria Leeson (17/18th June 2017)
Fabulous training in a safe environment. Experiential aspects allowed easy integration of theory to practice. Thank you    
Jo Taylor (17/18th June 2017)
Thank you for an interesting and experiencial weekend.
Lynda Bayley (17/18th June 2017)
The training has been very useful with many new tools and ideas- which is invaluable. An excellent two days.

Shamim Akhtar 
An exelent weekend on learning about establishing safety and internal resources in relation to trauma and recovery.  April 2017
Eric Yaffey
Excellent. Outstanding.  April 2017
Janet Stevens
Good slides. Excellent website and resources from library. April 2017

Wahada Majid           
An excellent training course, gained a wealth of knowledge, particularly in focusing work. I now have found confidence in working with clients in this way. Felt very much supported and guided through the weekend training. Many thanks to Dzmitry and Celia.  - 25/26th March 2017
Participant - March 2017       
The workshops have highlighted to me the importance of body work when working with clients who experienced trauma. Difficulties I’ve had with clients in the past now make sense!
Madeleine Kay     
Dzmitry and Celia provide excellent experiential training in the management of the effects of trauma, which are well embedded in theory. This enables participants to use the skills with their clients, to know when and how to do this safely. - March 2017
Fran Guilding 
A simple but hugely powerful process.- March 2017
Pat Ellis          
A really useful and helpful approach to working with trauma in clients, which compliments a theoretical approaches. - March 2017
Parm Billing   
A gentle, subtle yet powerful experience. This training is making me a better practitioner. Thank you! - March 2017
Sue Crossland
I feel it has helped me with the ‘what next?’. I feel more confident but recognise I need more practice!. Experiential work – extremely powerful both as client and therapist. - March 2017
Pippa Miller    
Great course for personal and professional development. Highlighted for me the importance of focusing work with myself to keep clients safe. - March 2017
Debbie Bentley          
A thorough, insightful and practical approach to trauma work using focusing techniques. Enjoyable and thought provoking. - March 2017
Gail Coghill    
Hugely interesting and relevant course by very experienced and knowledgeable trainers. The focusing will be useful to my practice in the years ahead. - March 2017

Isabel Stahlberg--I can recommend this course as it is very empowering and valuable to have a different approach to deal with nightmares that is proved to be effective.
February 2017
Debbie Dawson--These four days have given me such an insight and experience of how powerful bodywork and focusing can be. These interventions will be used extensively in my practice.  Very worthwhile and the training has been delivered in a very relaxed way.  Thank you.
February 2017

Tina Irving-The trainers provided a safe and respectful environment to facilitate learning through experience and collaboration.
February 2017
Pippa Woodhams--Thank you for an excellent experiential training weekend.  It takes patience and time to give priority to body senses, rather than satisfying the mind, but this is very rewarding in the end.
February 2017
Mary Sarjeant-Thank you Dzmitry and Celia and the rest of the training group for helping me with some nightmares of my own.  This is a good way to train, as it is a lesson I will not forget!
February 2017

Parmjit Billing--Thank you for an insightful experience that also provided many self care skills!
 February 2017
Sabah Achhide-Great job – Great workshop – Well done
February 2017
 Lesley Warriner-I really enjoy the experiential nature of this workshop and found the learning solid as this is my learning style.
February 2017
 Gwen Randall-An invaluable tool as I had felt ‘stuck’ in this area with clients.
February 2017
 Jude Boyles, manager of the North West centre, Freedom from Torture We approached Dzmitry Karpuk to deliver a day on trauma for the clinical team in 2014. Dzmitry has considerable experience in working with traumatised survivors of torture and design and delivery was relevant, helpful and skilled.

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