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25th Jan, 16:00 UK time; Michael Guilding TRAINER, PSYCHOTHERAPIST, & SUPERVISOR

Service Description

FREE - webinar - CPD - 1.5 h. Reflections on how to survive the many difficulties presented by the sheer complexity of complex trauma without becoming discouraged. Trauma is a condition where our biological fear system is activated by a threat, but then is unable to deactivate when the threat has passed. When this continues over time and becomes a chronic state, we refer to it as complex trauma. Complex trauma has a profound impact on our physical and mental health, our behaviour, our ability to think, and our ability to relate to others. This can create problems for our personal autonomy, our ability to survive financially, and our involvement in society. Complex Trauma in its many presentations occupies a surprisingly large proportion of the work of psychological therapists and can undermine our confidence in our own abilities and in the training we have received, and lead to exhaustion and burnout. In this webinar we will be trying to understand more clearly the difficulties this work presents us with, such as our need to work at the speed of organic change, the limitations of the changes that can be made, the constant setbacks of the work, the many fronts that may need to be addressed, and the need to work within our own competence. This clearer understanding can help us to let go of some of the unrealistic expectations we may have of ourselves and help us to undertake this work with less anxiety. Michael Guilding, Trainer, Complex Trauma Institute

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