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The question for Spring 2022 is what did we learn? And to answer that question we need to ask more questions such as 'Did we survive? Are we back to normal? Just what IS normal?' And we, at the Complex Trauma Institute, feel ready to wrestle with all the issues that are emerging from the survival process of 2021 whilst embracing the hopeful aspects that naturally come with a new Spring season. 2021 brought shortages, control, structure, rules, suffering, anxiety, etc. Spring and beyond in 2022 herald possibility, chances to rebuild and  review how we see emotional, financial and physical security. Can we establish a new order or do we just pick up where we left off? We don’t know but we’re willing to explore all sides of the equation as it relates to Complex Trauma in particular. Join us! 


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Virtual Spring Symposium 2022. Recordings

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