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"The Muss Rewind Technique (MRT): Navigating Three Decades of Innovation and Enhancement in the Treatment of PTSD" by Dzmitry Karpuk and Dr David Muss



Developmental shifts occur in therapy all the time as new research filters upward through the system. The Muss Rewind Technique (MRT) emerged in 1991 (Muss, D., 1991a), followed by his book The Trauma Trap in 1992 (Muss, D., 1991b). This article describes the journey and challenges of developing a successful technique. It is one thing to find an answer or a solution to a problem, but it is another to get acceptance in an academic world that does not accept newness readily or easily.

"The Muss Rewind Technique (MRT)(...)" Vol.4 I1

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