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"Talking about ‘noise’: The challenges of work-ing systemically with complex trauma, issues of context, epistemology, and paradigm" by Arlette Kavanagh

The emphasis of the article is on the personal exploration and deconstruction of dominant nar-ratives around working with complex trauma, and the effects of dominant narratives on clinical practice. The author considers not only her own personal experience of working clinically with complex trauma, but also the felt discomfort from a model specific practice toward a search for a place of comfort, a reconceptualisation of frameworks, and different epistemological position in order to bring coherence to practice. The author brings together ideas from coordinated management of meaning, critical realism and social constructionism in the contextualising of her experiences and re-positioning within her clinical work. This paper will be of interest to many practitioners working in the field of complex trauma, it draws on systemic and social constructionist theories to consider and critique ways of work-ing, making a connection between social constructionism and the biomedical approach.

"Talking about 'noise'" by A. Kavanagh from Vol3 Issue 1

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