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Perspectives on Trauma - Complete Vol. 3, Issue 1
Includes all below articles:


- 'Morning has broken (A nod to the brave souls in Ukraine)' by Joyce Chiu Broadbent


- 'What is complex trauma? 
Part 3: Reflections on complexity.' by Michael Guilding


- 'Sleep paralysis and post-episode distress: The role of emotional maltreatment and social anxiety in the manifestation of intruder hallucinations.' by Aisling Dennigan, Lauren Costello and Jonathan Egan


- 'Reflections on a trauma awareness project in Myanmar 2021 on the anniversary of the coup.' by Hannah Rutledge and Tina Puryear


- 'The psychological impact of COVID-19 on healthcare workers: 
a reflection about addressing their needs when providing psychotherapy.' by Antonio Martín-Bejarano García and Manuela Martín-Bejarano García


- 'Talking about ‘noise’: The challenges of 
working systemically with complex trauma, issues of context, epistemology, and paradigm.' by Arlette Kavanagh


- 'Working systemically with adoptive families.' by Hugh Palmer


- 'Hope and possibilities in complex trauma work: Emerging themes from clinicians.' by Arlette Kavanagh and Auður Guðmundsdóttir


- 'Complex trauma: A college counsellor’s perspective.' by Alice Shepard

Perspectives on Trauma - Complete Vol. 3, Issue1

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