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We are delighted to announce our virtual conference as part of Complex Trauma Therapists’ Network UK (CTTN), Complex Trauma Institute (CTI) in collaboration with the University of York (UK) and Family Trauma Institute (US). We invite you, our colleagues, to attend our 5th International Complex Trauma conference 'Post-Traumatic Growth: Balancing Innovation, Research and Intervention'. watch on-demand.

The main drive and motivation behind this event is to continue to meet the increased demand for trauma focused interventions in the mental health sector + we continue supporting Ukrainian mental health professionals (who will be attending this conference for free).

We have gathered international experts from a variety of backgrounds working with trauma survivors, to address multiple aspects of trauma within diverse contexts from USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Poland, Spain, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Ukraine, and the UK.

After purchasing  you will be able to download a file with access instrucitons. 

more info here:

-5th International Complex Trauma Conference - Post-Traumatic Growth: Balancing

£70.00 Regular Price
£39.00Sale Price
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