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Complex Trauma Institute & Complex Trauma Therapists Network invite you, our colleagues from the UK & Ukraine to attend our 4th International conference ' RESPONDING TO CRISIS, DISASTERS AND TRAUMATIC EVENTS '. The conference is being held due to the increased demand for crisis response in the mental health sector here in the UK and in Ukraine. We saw a need to support mental health professionals in both countries, the UK & Ukraine. Equally, we are hoping that our other international colleagues may benefit by joining us (any English & Ukrainian speaking mental health professionals). The working language is English.


We, mental health professionals in the UK would like to support Ukraine to stand up to the Russian invasion. Therefore we are hoping to share our knowledge & skills in specialised trauma therapies. At our conference there will be speakers / clinicians from around the world who have extensive experience in providing trauma-informed support at times of crisis. We have gathered international experts from a variety of backgrounds working with trauma, and with trauma survivors, to address multiple aspects of trauma and its response in the earliest stages and within diverse contexts (military, ambulance, fire, police, NHS services, education, domestic abuse, humanitarian response, refugees, children in care, etc.) from USA, Canada, Poland, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Iceland, Israel, Ukraine, and the UK. 


After purchasing  you will be able to download a file with access instrucitons. 

more info here:

4th International Conference 2022. Recordings

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