Zoom Learning Discussion Group

Online Learning Discussion Groups with Karla Dolinsky, M.C.

Often, working as a Mental Health Professional can feel rather isolating. Each month we will offer a Learning Discussion, with a short presentation on the topic of focus. These sessions are collaborative discussions with peers from all levels and areas of practice. At Complex Trauma Institute we believe that we can thrive as Professionals when we can share our experiences, insights, & resources. We grow as Professionals when we can learn through discussions with peers where we grapple with the very complex and serious issues that come into our offices each day.

Our work is intensely human and personal in nature, but we are guided by skill, experiences and resources that are continually being updated. What we are offering in these monthly sessions are collaborative discussions with peers from all levels and areas of practice. The intended format of these monthly sessions will include reference materials and an introduction to the month’s topic. Upon pre-registration, you will be provided with resources that introduce you to the topic.


The Learning Session will begin with Karla presenting a short summary of the topic or issue (you will later receive a copy of this powerpoint). After the introduction, the session is open to all participants to engage in the discussions, facilitated by Karla. We all learn differently, so your level of engagement is up to you. You may self-select whether you wish to have your video or microphone on to enter the discussion, or you may prefer to remain more as an audience member to learn from the panel of participants and their exchanges.

Karla Dolinsky is a member of the Complex Trauma Therapists' Network in the UK and is one of the trainers with the Complex Trauma Institite.

TIME: 10 a.m. (UK time) Earn 1.5 CPD credits (1.5 hrs - £14), OUR NEXT SESSIONS: 


  • Saturday, 9th Jan 2021 at 10 AM on 'Introduction to Working with Clients Who are Stuck'.

  • Saturday, 6th Feb 2021 at 10 AM on  'Working with Grief and Loss'.

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