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Sat, 31 Aug



(2024) - 6th International Complex Trauma Conference: Bridging Theory and Creative Practice

What does the Conference Package include? - Access to the Live event on 31st Aug 2024 - Watch on Demand - Access to up to 20 Video Presentations (6 from the Live event + more presentations recorded for our conference) - 9 months access - 12 hours CPD certificate

(2024) - 6th International Complex Trauma Conference: Bridging Theory and Creative Practice
(2024) - 6th International Complex Trauma Conference: Bridging Theory and Creative Practice

Time & Location

31 Aug 2024, 09:30 – 15:00 BST



About the Event

We are delighted to announce our virtual conference, the 6th International Complex Trauma Conference: Bridging Theory and Creative Practice, as part of the Complex Trauma Therapists’ Network UK (CTTN) and the Complex Trauma Institute (CTI) in collaboration with the University of York (UK):

  • Access to the live event on 31st August 2024 or watch on demand for 9 months' access.
  • Up to 20 presentations: 6 or 7 live sessions on August 31st, plus additional pre-recorded ones.
  • CPD Certificate (12 CPD hours)
  • 70% discount for CTI Members (£15), plus team bulk pricing (buy 10+ tickets for only £25 each). Early booking prices are also available.

The primary motivation behind this event is to continue supporting all professionals on their journey to learn complex trauma-informed competencies, enabling them to see practical results. Although we are still finalizing our full program, we are excited to announce that we have gathered experts from a variety of backgrounds—spanning the USA, Canada, Ireland, Iceland, Turkey, Brazil, Ukraine, Israel and the UK—who have successfully transformed knowledge into practical skills.

Remember, the early booking offer ends on 30th May!

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We are still finalising our programme but please have a look some of our presenters below:

* Please be advised that this program is subject to change and is currently in a very preliminary draft stage. More presentations will be added. Live Event on the 31st of Aug 2024 (09:30 - 15:30/16:00 - the UK time)

Please note that not all of the presenters will be presenting on 31st August. Pre-recorded presentations will be available on our website from 5th September (Up to 20 presentations: 6 or 7 live sessions on August 31st, plus additional pre-recorded ones. All presentations will be recorded and accessible on-demand for 9 months).

1. Dr Jonathan Egan, chartered clinical & health psychologist (Ireland), Alison Kelly Delaney, doctoral psychologist (Ireland)– live presentation (also available as recording after 5th Sep 24):

Title: To be a Complex Trauma therapist: our pasts, our present, our bodies and our restorative process

Having previously presented at annual CTI conferences, sharing about trauma, the influence of a therapist’s past and their understanding of how it affects the body (somatic countertransference in response to the universally poignant narratives of our clients, their lives and histories), Dzmitry Karpuk and I (Jonathan) started a conversation about  whether it would be rewarding to ask Complex Trauma Institute members and training participants to take part in their own research, reflecting on this group of therapists’ experiences.  With a promise that the research would be a living tangible echo of the therapists who have taken part. That we would present the findings to you at a future conference, Jonathan then started a similar conversation to which he had with Dzmitry with a  clinical psychology trainee at the University of Galway’s doctoral programme. Alison liked this idea so much that she decided to devote the next 18 months of her life developing an online survey to ask these questions and then after months of analysing and collating the data, she and we can now bring it back to you on the last day of August 2024.

Thank you, and enjoy…Alison, Dzmitry and Jonathan

Alison Kelly Delaney is a third year doctoral psychologist in clinical training at the University of Galway.

Dzmitry Karpuk is a trainer, Psychotherapist and supervisor and a director of the Complex Trauma Institute (UK)

Jonathan Egan was a lecturer in clinical psychology at the University of Galway and in November 2023 became the Psychology manager of a group of hospitals in Limerick, Ireland.

2. Dr. Edith Shiro, a clinical psychologist (US) - live presentation (also available as recording after 5th Sep 24):

Title: Healing Intergenerational Trauma through Posttraumatic Growth

As you well know, you don’t have to look far these days to see evidence of suffering. Domestic violence, childhood abuse, mass shootings, hate crimes, and natural disasters all dominate the news. The disruption and civil unrest that is tearing communities apart have triggered deep-rooted collective as well as individual wounds. All of this is trauma, and it can live on intergenerationally in our bodies, our minds, and our communities. yet, while trauma has the power to destroy, it also has the power to transform, to become the catalyst for deep transformative healing. It does this through a powerful, little-known phenomenon called posttraumatic growth (PTG). I offer a framework for understanding and moving through PTG. The five-stage process—Awareness, Awakening, Becoming, Being, and Transforming —gives people and communities a universal language and a structure they can use to make sense of their

trauma, process it, grow from it, and ultimately transform their lives. The framework not only guides anyone experiencing the trauma, but it can also be a roadmap for their expert companions—organizations, therapists, mentors, sponsors, and even family members—to offer PTG as a possibility. Full of useful takeaways, exercises, and even affirmations to facilitate

the journey, this workshop can be immensely helpful to anyone struggling with trauma, isolation, disconnection in the context of work, family, communities, or cultures, and facilitates growth and


Dr. Edith Shiro is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Miami, Florida. She specializes in trauma and posttraumatic growth, holding space and guiding her patients to achieve greater potential and higher consciousness. Dr. Shiro is co-founder of the Trauma and Resilience Center, board member of the World Happiness Foundation, and an active member of Cadena International, and HIAS, providing humanitarian aid, refugee mental health, and disaster prevention worldwide. She has worked at the Clinic for Survivors of Torture at Bellevue Hospital, the Cambodian refugee clinic at Montefiore Medical Center, and the Human Rights Clinical Support Network at REFUGE, among others. Dr. Shiro offers workshops on trauma-

based therapy for mental health professionals and is a frequent guest on various TV shows, podcasts, and radio programs. mental health professionals and is a frequent guest on various TV shows, podcasts, and radio programs. She is also the bestselling author of her most recent book,

The Unexpected Gift of Trauma: The Path to Posttraumatic Growth. For more information on Dr. Shiro or to see clips of her interviews and presentations, please visit her website at Dr. Shiro is represented by TGC Worldwide. Contact Charlie Fusco

( for additional information about how she can curate a unique talk for Dr. Shiro based on your goals for a truly unique and enriching experience.

3. Michael Guilding, Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor in private practice (United Kingdom)

Title: Supporting the Caregiver in working with Complex Trauma

The need for the therapist to be well supported in trauma work is generally accepted at a theoretical level. However in practice the level of support available for many therapists falls woefully short of what is needed, both for their own well-being and for that of their clients.

This presentation examines what support is necessary for the caregiver to create the sense of safety without which trauma therapy cannot be successful and reflects on the significant changes in practice that are required in order to provide this level of support for therapists.

Michael Guilding is a psychotherapist and trainer. After a career in senior management in Royal Mail, Michael retrained as a therapist and worked in private practice for 25 years, and for over a decade in the NHS, where he was Head of Primary Care Counselling within the York and Selby NHS trust.  For a number of years his clinical supervisor was Dr Una McCluskey of the University of York who introduced him to her own work on therapeutic attunement and to the work of Dorothy Heard and Brian Lake on adult attachment.  This sparked his interest in the biological fear-system and its impact on our patterns

of relating to others. Michael has written several papers for the Complex Trauma Institute’s Journal on the theory of complex trauma (which he sees as a biological fear-system disorder) and on the practical applications of this theory for psychotherapy. He runs workshops and exploratory groups for therapists on the interaction between our fear and attachment systems including two workshops for the Complex Trauma Institute’s C-PTSD Practitioner course.

4. Karla Dolinsky, Counsellor and Psychotherapist (Canada) - live presentation (also available as recording after 5th Sep):

Title: coming soon

As therapists working the field of Complex Trauma, we are becoming increasingly aware of the concept of Moral Injury. Moral injury is a term used to describe an individual’s trauma response to extreme life experiences that violate or disrupt their moral values, expectations, standards or beliefs. The subtleties and complexities of Moral Injury are often overlooked and, unattended to, can be a barrier to post-traumatic growth and ongoing resilience. Karla will introduce the topic of Moral Injury and explore options of how we might work with our clients who are experiencing this specific traumatic response.

Karla is a Counsellor and Psychotherapist in Private Practice & EMDR Therapist, Crime Victim Assistance Programme (CVAP) based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Karla Dolinsky, M.C., RCC works in private practice. Karla is based in Canada and delivers training, psychotherapy, and clinical supervision in person and to clients in many countries, through online platforms. She is skilled to work with very complex cases in addition to helping individuals ponder the deeper meaning in their lives. Karla also works as a Trainer with the Complex Trauma Institute and works as a mental health contractor for Blake Emergency Services

5. Didem Çaylak van Zuijlen, SEP, M.A. (Turkey); Dr İlknur İnci, SEP, Ph.D. (Turkey); Dilara Özel, SEP, P.h.D. (Turkey)

Title: From Trauma to Triumph: Somatic Experiencing in Post-Earthquake Recovery Efforts in Turkey

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a body-oriented therapeutic approach developed by Dr. Peter Levine, designed to relieve the symptoms of trauma and other stress disorders. It emphasizes the body's ability to overcome trauma through the renegotiation of traumatic experiences, facilitating the release of pent-up survival energy and restoring autonomic nervous system equilibrium. In response to the devastating earthquake in Turkey in February 2023, our volunteer work and study explores the efficacy of Somatic Experiencing (SE) techniques in alleviating post-traumatic stress responses among survivors. Videos and a structured program for the practitioners who are working with the people who were affected by the earthquake were created by Senior SE assistants in Türkiye. Collaborating with World Human Relief (WHR) and rescue teams, we implemented a series of interventions designed to counter the fight/ flight and freeze responses with 19 Somatic Experiencing Practitioner volunteers in 27 group sessions. These interventions incorporated grounding exercises, resources, and joint movements, grounded in SE principles, to facilitate emotional and physiological regulation. In addition to the work with groups, 35 volunteer Somatic Experiencing Practitioners, supervised by Didem Çaylak who is a senior SE practitioner and a supervisor, delivered 193 personal SE sessions with 122 clients to earthquake survivors. The sessions and group works demonstrated the impact of these SE interventions on participants' trauma symptoms and overall well-being. Feedback from earthquake survivors and SE therapists suggests that SE is a potent modality for post-disaster trauma relief, offering significant implications for trauma-informed care in emergencies. This volunteer work and study contributes to the growing body of evidence supporting the use of SE in trauma recovery, highlighting its potential as a critical component of disaster response strategies.

Didem Çaylak van Zuijlen is a graduate of Istanbul Bilgi University, an MA in Clinical Psychology. Since 2007, she has been an SE Practitioner. She is an SE Introductory Seminar trainer and supervisor certified by SE International (SEI in the USA and EASE in Europe). She has completed advanced training of SE approach on "Integral Somatic Approach", "Somatic Psychotherapy and Movement", "Bonding and Relationship Dynamics", "Character Structures and Analysis", "Personality Disorders", "Shame and Guilt", "Physical and Sexual Abuse", "Trauma and Spirituality". She has been a senior resident in Australia, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands. She is a member of the EASE Organizing Committee and approved

coordinator of SE seminars in Turkey since 2014.

İlknur İnci has a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She is in the organizer team in Somatic Experiencing and Integral Somatic Psychology (ISP) training in Turkey. She is working at the Existential Academy of Istanbul as a psychotherapist and supervisor in existential therapy

(continuing Existential Analysis formation). She led the research team of the SE Turkey Volunteer Project during the pandemic and won the Peter Levine Research Award given by Somatic Experiencing International (USA) with SE Turkey Research Team with the study called “Effectiveness of Somatic Experiencing® on Stress and Anxiety of Healthcare Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic”.

Dilara Özel is a Somatic Experiencing practitioner and is pursuing a

Ph.D. at the Middle East Technical University in Türkiye. Her academic background includes a bachelor's and a master's degree in Guidance and Psychological Counseling. Her research interests include peace education trauma, and refugee education.

6. Dr Sonia Gomes, Ph.D. (Brazil) ; Dr Selin Yurdakul, M.D., Ph.D. (Turkey); Dilara Özel, Ph.D. (Turkey)

Title: Revitalizing the Senses: The Transformative Power of SOMA-Embodiment® in Trauma Recovery and Sensorimotor Restoration

SOMA-Embodiment® is a pioneering somatic education training program designed by Sonia Gomes to complement the Somatic Experiencing® method by Peter Levine, aimed at aiding trauma survivors. This innovative approach focuses on modulating dysregulated physiological, emotional, and tonic aspects of the vagus nerve to facilitate the renegotiation of traumatic experiences, restoration of sensorimotor coordination, and reorganization of one's

engagement with the world. Drawing on methodologies from Rolfing® Structural and Movement Integration, tonic function and movement analysis by Hubert Godard, Polyvagal Theory by Stephen Porges, and insights from ecological psychology and developmental theories, SOMA-Embodiment® integrates a comprehensive understanding of the human perceptual system and its role in trauma recovery. The program emphasizes the necessity of physical stability as a precursor to emotional trauma renegotiation, leveraging therapeutic resonance to identify and address bodily and emotional defenses in trauma victims. By enhancing body awareness and utilizing embodiment exercises, it aims to reestablish a balanced sensory-motor system and promote a coherent self-perception. The therapeutic process within SOMA-Embodiment® includes developing active perception, facilitating neurobiological regulation through social engagement, and applying Polyvagal Theory to restore a regulated autonomic state. This approach not only aids in transforming trauma through sensorimotor reintegration but also fosters a therapeutic environment conducive to healing, underscoring the critical role of an embodied therapeutic presence in navigating the terrain of trauma. Through its comprehensive framework, SOMA-Embodiment® offers a path toward recovering the fluency of the

senses, neural plasticity, and a revitalized connection to oneself and the environment, marking a significant contribution to the field of trauma therapy and personal development.

Sonia Gomes, with two decades of experience from Brazil, serves as an international faculty member at SETI, focusing on Somatic Experiencing® for trauma healing. She instructs both the advanced and post-advanced levels of Somatic Experiencing® and has developed her own program, which she presents across Europe, Latin America, the USA, Asia, and South Africa. Additionally, she is the innovator behind SOMA-Embodiment, a method that incorporates

haptic engagement and movement for managing emotions in trauma therapy.

Dr. Selin Yurdakul is a dedicated medical professional with a comprehensive educational and practical background in internal medicine and neuroscience. Currently, she is expanding her expertise by pursuing a Ph.D. in Neuroscience at Bahçeşehir University. Dr.Yurdakul Works as the head physician in the Palliative Care Service at Büyükçekmece Mimar Sinan State Hospital since 2020.

Dilara Özel is Somatic Experiencing practitioner and is pursuing a Ph.D. at the Middle East Technical University in Türkiye. Her academic background includes a bachelor's and a master's degree in Guidance and Psychological Counseling. Her research interests include peace education trauma, and refugee education.

7. Dzmitry Karpuk, MSc , Family Systemic Psychotherapist (United Kingdom) & Celia Dawson, Person-centered  psychotherapist (United Kingdom) - prerecorded (available as recording after 5th Sep)

Title: Core Competencies during Stage 1 Trauma Recovery: Focusing on Safety and Stabilization

Dzmitry and Celia will introduce the seven core competencies crucial for supporting clients in the initial phase of trauma recovery, often referred to as Stage 1. What distinguishes Stage 1, and why can we, in many cases, work directly from Stage 1 to Stage 3, bypassing Stage 2, often referred to as memory work? Follow this link if you are interested to learn these competencies:

Trainer, Supervisor, Consultant & Systemic Family Psychotherapist, M.Sc, UKCP & AFT Reg. Founder of Complex Trauma Therapists’ Network in the UK (CTTN). Dzmitry Karpuk is a Family and Systemic Psychotherapist. He is registered with the Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice (AFT) and the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). He has specialised in trauma recovery psychotherapy for adults, children and families for around 30 years. He has considerable experience of working with the vulnerable high risk population (18 years in the UK). His particular interests include supporting professionals working with traumatised and vulnerable clients, and those with burnout and secondary trauma impact. Dzmitry has significant experience of delivering trauma-related training to various professionals, both nationally and internationally. He is also a trainer and team member of Blake Emergency Services, Suicide Bereavement UK and the Complex Trauma Institute. He regularly provides individual and group supervision to a wide range of clinicians and non-mental health professionals (e.g. national organisations like Family Action and Rape Crisis).

Celia Dawson, (CTTN), Trainer & Person-Centred Psychotherapist, Certifying Coordinator at the International Focusing Institute (USA). Celia is a Co-ordinator at the International Focusing Institute (USA), who originally trained as a person-centred psychotherapist in the UK. Celia has over 25 years counselling experience and is the Co-Founder of the Complex Trauma Therapist Network in the UK  (CTTN). For many years she ran a successful counselling service in Bradford, and upon retirement, has continued with a small private practice to date, but her passion remains teaching Focusing-Oriented  Therapy. Together with Dzmitry, Celia has run successful training workshops within the UK specifically for therapists working with complex trauma clients. Internationally, Celia has provided trauma informed webinars on behalf of the International Focusing Institute to their worldwide membership.

8. Dr David Muss (United Kingdom) - Prerecorded (also available as recording after 5th Sep)

Title: Why has the Rewind Technique become an essential core competency for working with traumatized clients?

Rewind Technique,also known as “closure without disclosure” provides 85% closure rate for individuals and groups of any size in just two to three sessions.Dr. Muss will briefly discuss how it works, describe results and provide up to date results of recently completed RCT from Cardiff University.  Dr. Muss’s interest in PTSD was triggered by his wife's near death tragedy. Since 1988, Dr. Muss has worked tirelessly to introduce this technique for the benefit of the millions traumatised, publishing the first self help book in 1991 for PTSD in the UK ”The Trauma Trap”. He worked for 30 plus years as Director of the PTSD UNIT at the BMI Hospital, Birmingham, UK during which he published “A new Technique for treating PTSD-British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1991. He retired in 2019. He continues as a trainer via workshops and webinars at the International Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy ( which he founded. Those practitioners which are listed on the IARTT website have all agreed to treat veterans for free.

9. Prof. Tom Stoneham & Dr. R A Davies (United Kingdom) - prerecorded (available as recording after 5th Sep)

Title: coming soon

Prof. Tom Stoneham, Department of Philosophy, University of York

Dr Robert A Davies is a Research Associate at the Department of Philosophy, University of York. Robert works on the "Dreams, Nightmares, and Complex Trauma" project and is interested in the role of memory in trauma-related conditions.

10. Audur Gudmundsdottir, MSc, Family Systemic Psychotherapist (Iceland) - prerecorded (available as recording after 5th Sep)

Draft Title: Prevention of Vicarious Trauma as an essential core competency in therapeutic work with traumatized clients.

Auður Guðmundsdóttir, Systemic Psychotherapist, MSW, MSc, UKCP & AFT Reg, Iceland. Systemic Psychotherapist within National Adult Mental Health Service in Iceland. Assistant professor at the University of Iceland Previously a Systemic Psychotherapist working for NGO – Asylum seekers and refugees Previously a Children and Families Social Worker in Iceland and for Barnardo’s Scotland.

11. Olena Parfeniuk, Psychologist, MSc  (Ukraine) - prerecorded (available as recording after 5th Sep)

Title: Exploring Nightmares and Sleep Disorders Through the Lens of Trauma Therapy

Doctoral Student at the G. S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology, National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine. Master’s degree from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

12. Olena Ostrakova, Psychologist, MSc (Ukraine), Psychologist, psychologist, consultant and trauma informed therapist, prerecorded (prerecorded - available as recording after 5th Sep)

Title: Developing Resilience in Trauma-Informed Professionals Supporting Traumatized Clients in Crisis Situations

Olena Ostrakova, Doctoral Student at HRYHORII SKOVORODA UNIVERSITY IN PEREIASLAV, KYIV REGION, Masters Psychology, integrative psychologist, consultant and trauma informed therapist (Ukraine), Studied transactional analysis at EATA, Masters Management ((Магістр Менеджменту та Економіки), organisation consultant, British Council Creative Enterprise Programme 2018.

13. Alex Galchinski, Psychologist, MS.c. (Israel)

Title: Coming soon

Alex Galchinski, Psychologist, MS.c. Trauma therapist, Senior Expert and Supervisor in Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (ITA, EABCT,UACBT), Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, Trauma therapist, Psycho oncologist (Israel)

More presentations will be added soon.

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