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The Rewind Therapy (RT) course

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After looking at the 5 videos (250 minutes, - including demonstrations) and the Rewind manual (+additional articles ) you will feel confident and, importantly, competent to use the Rewind to treat your clients/patients and you will always have free supervision. Course materials: 1. Introduction to the basics of PTSD (30 min) 2. Instructions for using the Rewind technique (34 min) 3. An example of using Rewind with a client (62 min) 4. Comments - explanations about the example (25 min) 5. Recent video recorded in July 23 (99 min)another example of using Rewind Technique 6. Survey (11 questions - multiple choice question/MCQ) Present two cases treated successfully and you will be offered to become listed on the IARTT website as an accredited Rewind practitioner. All studies* (see: Research and Publications page.) show that Rewind is safe, fast(1-3 sessions)with follow up of 16 weeks.. Also, importantly, training is very straightforward as the psychologists learnt the treatment after one workshop and all treatments of PTSD patients were done online. You will also get a CPD certificate for 5 hours BPS(British Psychological Society approved) confirming your competence to practise the Rewind but, you are required to complete the attached IARTT MCQ- and achieve 100% correct answers. You will have 3 chances to do so. If you fail you will receive a certificate acknowledging participating but not granting permission to practise the Rewind.





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