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 Group Supervision of Supervision (Zoom)

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A growing number of professionals from different backgrounds support traumatised people through management structures, group supervision, individual supervision or reflective practice team meetings. The carers, as well as those they care for, can be impacted by the shattering effects of trauma. Professionals at all levels of the supervision/facilitation pyramid feel the ripples of discomfort and disorientation that are generated by trauma. It can cause professionals to feel the same disempowerment and lack of self-worth and judgement that is felt by the client.


The supervision of supervision group will provide a forum for the consideration of safe, empowering practice and how organisational structures can be containing, so that the carers can be more effectively cared for.
Those invited to attend the Group:
Managers and team leaders who support professionals working with traumatised

Therapists, psychologists, psychotherapists, facilitators and mentors who support
other clinical professionals through individual, group supervision or reflective practice

Registration and Fees
The group member can register online, thus engaging in a commitment to consistent
group attendance. In order to register please have your accreditation/registration
details available.

The Supervision of Supervision Groups for Complex Trauma will take place monthly
via Zoom. The first group, which has been arranged for those providing support to
those in Ukraine, is underway.
The next group is scheduled for Tuesday afternoons from 16-00 – 17.30 BST.
Group members may opt for: 

  • A 12-month group membership for £360 

  • A 6-month group membership for £210. 

To register or obtain further information please visit


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