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Thursday group (every 2nd Thurs)

Learning Group Supervision from 6pm to 7:30 pm UK time

Service Description

Join our membership to take part in monthly CTI Learning Group Supervision (every 2nd Thursday group facilitated by Arlette Kavanagh, systemic psychotherapist, supervisor ): - Peer group supervision where we use the Reflective Team Model -It is a safe space for professionals to continue learning Complex Trauma Competencies like extended assessment, clinical formulation, self-regulation and co-regulation skills, multiagency and multi-interventions approach and many more - share experiences of working with complex trauma survivors, integrating an embodied way of working etc. -It helps with reducing isolation of professionals and is a way to connect with other members and those working with complex trauma -It fosters a collaborative supportive learning space for all -It helps to incorporate your current modality whilst including a new perspective such as trauma informed practice, systemic and body-focused interventions, etc or more specific topics like working in schools, prisons, private settings, with young people, adults etc.

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