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"Reflections on a trauma awareness project in Myanmar 2021 on the anniversary of the coup" by Hannah Rutledge & Tina Puryear

We briefly describe our experience and learning from a project providing online psychoed-ucation based trauma awareness workshops delivered to civil society organisations across Myanmar. The workshops were delivered soon after the military coup in February 2021 under logistically complex and stressful conditions. We briefly share how we were impacted and some of our key learning, including how empathy is a powerful connector even online; that fa-cilitators’ empathy means risk assessments should include them; that empathy can put people at risk of retraumatisation; and empathy is needed for groups to connect and build trust which are vital to mitigate these risks; and collective care is both self-care and an act of resistance.

"Reflections on a trauma (...)" by Puryear & Rutledge Vol 3 Issue 1

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