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The vision of the Complex Trauma Institute (CTI) is to ensure ALL mental health professionals are confident and competent working with survivors of trauma. 
Our mission is to achieve this by providing professional support, training and research in the field of complex trauma.

What we DO

Complex Trauma Institute (CTI) was established to support personal & professional development for practitioners who support traumatised individuals.

CTI offers a network association, training and research within the field of complex trauma. 

What we Offer

Our membership offers support, educational resources & networking opportunities. Through our experiential workshops and conferences we provide with further learning and professional and personal development. You can enquire further about our research opportunities in the field of single or complex trauma. 

Click HERE for instructions on how to access our resources.


We are a network of qualified and experienced  psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors with a great passion in working in the field of Complex Trauma.

In The News
Poster Presentation at AFT conference 19/20th Sep 2019 

Our poster presentation on Working with Nightmares: non-narrative intervention won the prize. We have been invited to publish in Context.

Sep , 2019

Handbook on Working with Nightmares 

We are aiming to present our handbook in Sep 2022, so watch the space as a  discounted price will be available for conference participants


March, 2022

4th International Conference on ​ RESPONDING TO CRISIS, DISASTERS AND TRAUMATIC EVENTS - 3rd Sep 2022

Following the success of our three online conferences between 2020 & 2022 we will be hosting Online 4th International conference 

May, 2022

Publication of 'Perspectives on Trauma' The Journal of the Complex Trauma Institute

We have published our 2nd issue of our Journal 'Perspectives on Trauma'! The issue is currently only available to our CTI Annual & 6 months members but keep an eye on our shop!


Sep, 2021

The Complex Trauma Institute (CTI) offers three types of Memberships:
  • Free (access to Newsletters, Forum & Free Resources + limited Zoom webinars) - Just Create an account
  • Yearly Subscription (access to all benefits) -  £140 
  • 6 Months Subscription (access to all benefits)  -  £85