11th &12th July 2020 | Leeds

Working with Single & Complex Trauma at the 1st of trauma recovery (Stage 1)

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Time & Location

11th &12th July 2020
Leeds, Leeds, UK

About the Event

This workshop mainly focuses on how to support trauma survivors of Single, Multiple & Childhood Trauma who are at the beginning of their recovery where their main goal is Stabilisation & Establishment of Safety. This workshop is suitable for beginner practitioners working with trauma as it focusses on the first phase of trauma recovery where the body focused approach is most suitable to create safety and emotional stability.  At the same, professionals with extensive experience in working with trauma often attend our workshops as we all know the learning process never stops in our field. These professionals will certainly expand their set of tools by enhancing creative techniques and will have an opportunity to learn much needed self-care techniques to prevent secondary trauma impact.

All of our courses are built around Herman’s Three Stage Model of Trauma Recovery; with the first stage, Safety and Stabilization, being the most important one. Very often trauma victims suffer from symptoms ranging from hypervigilance, anger, and extreme emotion to pain, depression and immobility. We look at ways to build up resources for trauma sufferers, both external and internal safety, including coping strategies for dealing with their symptoms. This course gives and suggests creative ways/techniques to bring clients into the “window of tolerance” because it is impossible to work with someone who is suffering the after-effects of trauma without first making them feel safe and helping them to find resources within themselves to help them manage their emotions.  This work involves creating emotional stability (learning how to avoid being overcome with emotions) which brings the client into the “window of tolerance” where further trauma processing work can be done.

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